Finnair tail fin

Panasonic Avionics has announced Finland’s flag carrier Finnair will be installing the company’s ArcTM map platform onboard the carrier’s long-haul fleet.

Finnair is the launch customer for Arc in Europe. The map solution will be available through Panasonic Avionics’ eX3 in-flight entertainment (IFE) system and enhanced by the company’s high-speed connectivity services.

Panasonic Avionics says Arc will be installed on the airline’s 19 Airbus A350-900 and eight A330-300 aircraft. The solution provides a wide range of innovations to the traditional in-flight map application and expands the concept into a fully integrated experience within the IFE and connectivity system which is already provided by Panasonic Avionics.

Arc will be available in all cabin classes using the Panasonic Avionics eX3 product and is visible on overhead monitors and seatback screens, with passengers being able to choose from over 20 distinct map views in full HD for various phases of flight. Arc incorporates 3D satellite imagery, local and global views and personalised features which allow passengers to see the aircraft’s relative position to their selected map location throughout their flight.

Andrew Mohr, Vice President of Digital Solutions for Panasonic Avionics Corporation, said: “The moving map is an integral part of the passenger experience and Arc takes this to a whole new dimension. As the European launch customer, Finnair, with its well-deserved reputation for innovation, will be setting the standard for the in-flight map experience across this important region.”

Harri Valkama, Digital Channel Lead at Finnair, commented: “Finnair is striving to create a unique, differentiated IFE user experience and we are excited to take the 3D map experience to the next level with Panasonic Avionics, going beyond offering a traditional third party off-the-shelf app. We found it very valuable to actively participate and influence the development of the Panasonic Arc map based on the feedback received from our customers.

“The map will be an integral part of the Finnair IFE user interface and we see big potential in the possibilities enabled by open APIs. In the future, Arc Studio will enable us to easily make changes to the Arc map and influence how the map is shown to our customers.”

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