Flexjet Announces New Red Label Training Academy, To Bring the Best of High-End Hospitality

Private aviation operator Flexjet’s new training programme for its global Cabin Servers is officially launching this month.

According to Flexjet, the ‘finishing school’ style training will take place in The Red Label Academy which is a new, dedicated facility at Flexjet’s Farnborough Airport location in Hampshire, UK.

In addition to unrivalled cabin service, Flexjet’s Red Label includes boutique hotel-style LXi cabin interiors, crew dedicated to each individual aircraft and invitations to curated private and VIP events.

The programme is led by Flexjet’s Vice President of Customer Experience, Francesco Vanerio, who brings his extensive five-star hotel experience to the private aviation sector, including from the award-winning Villa d’Este in Lake Como, Italy.

Both U.S. and European Flexjet Cabin Servers will be trained at the Red Label Academy. Flexjet says the company’s Cabin Servers come into their roles already with prior private aviation experience, but the new Red Label Academy is designed to add a level of service mastery and a polish that is unrivalled in the industry.

“Our fantastic Cabin Servers embody our unique Red Label ethos and are the frontline of our aircraft Owners’ experience of Flexjet,” said Megan Wolf, Chief Experience Officer at Flexjet.

“We are proud and delighted to open this world-class training facility and programme, which sets us apart in the industry in terms of refinement and attention-to-detail. The new standards in cabin experience have now been elevated to match that of a top European five-star hotel.”

As part of the programme, Cabin Servers are trained in specific skills to serve children and pets onboard flights, and the Red Label Academy also features modules on how to make passengers feel special and cared for via highly personalised attention-to-detail; assessing their needs on any given occasion using body language and behaviour; and through observing cultural differences.

The Academy also features individual workspaces, cabin and galley mock-ups, providing training for Flexjet’s different aircraft types.

Mike Silvestro, co-CEO of Flexjet said: “Our company continues to grow considerably, with over 270 fixed wing aircraft now in our global fleet and many more to be added next year and beyond. As we expand our global team of Cabin Servers, this impressive new facility will ensure that we continue to deliver and refine the extraordinary cabin experience that Flexjet Owners enjoy and expect.”

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