AeroMexico is one of over 70 aircraft flying withFlightPath3D

FlightPath3D’s install base surpassed 3,000 aircraft during Q1/2021.

Duncan Jackson, FlightPath3D President, stated: “We’re seeing absolute signs of recovery in flights and see good growth going forward through 2021. We’re optimistic about the market and expect to surpass 4,000 aircraft within a year.”

He added: “We’re seeing some of our customers in Asia and Oceania flying close to their 2019 passenger numbers for domestic flights. In addition, our North American airline customers seem to be on the verge of a rapid increase in travel demand.”

In light of the pending rebound in travel demand, with people beginning to plan trips in numbers not seen for more than a year, FlightPath3D has been busy creating new applications that help passengers find flights, routes, and destinations based on personal profiles and experience desires.

FlightPath3D CEO said: “We’re excited to help airlines with their recovery with new apps to facilitate passenger interests to be matched to destinations, and flights or activities matched with traveller motivations. Our engineers are levering data science and large data sets to solve this.”

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