IdeaNova has become the first company to implement new studio requirements for securing DRM license servers in autonomous transportation environments, with the launch of its Hardware Secured Server Platform.

“The IFE world is expanding and constantly enhancing the passenger experience—content output is becoming more robust and media file quality is continually improving—and as a result passenger interest is growing. But at the same time, the threat level is increasing for this high-quality content,” said Juraj Siska, CEO of IdeaNova Technologies, Inc. Since securing this media is paramount to the overall health of the media distribution eco system, Hollywood studios have put in place a new set of requirements that airlines must meet for securing onboard DRM license servers.”

The new Secure DRM Server expands the integrity for all high-quality streaming security needs, and can generate DRM licenses for video on demand or live streaming content. These DRM servers can issue DRM licenses using Google Widevine and Apple FairPlay SDKs and seamlessly merge into an aircraft IFE system, providing the toughest guard on DRM content yet.

Integrated with IdeaNova’s hardened security system which is based on industry specifications, the new Secure DRM Servers provide customers with a comprehensive approach to security while elevating the media experience. The new servers also increase the possibilities for monetisation and access to higher quality content (e.g. earlier windows, 4K and above).

“Our new servers meet the toughest security requirements in the market today and provide a seamless extension to our existing INPLAY license servers, making the integration and upgrade from previous version simple,” said Janne Pelkonen, CTO of IdeaNova.

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