Jamco’s New “Quest Seat for Elegance” Business Class Seat Concept

Aircraft interior products supplier and turnkey integrator Jamco Corporation has unveiled ‘Quest for Elegance’, a brand-new business class seat concept. Jamco says the seat will meet the demand for an inventive, spacious seat for high density business class interior cabins without compromising comfort. The concept features a new patented angled tilt monitor and an industrial design that focuses on providing an elegant premium hotel in the sky while maintaining competitive density and maximising passenger experience.

The Quest Seat features an innovative tilting entertainment screen with a wide-angle adjustment which allows passengers to enjoy entertainment in either reclined, sleep or bed mode position. According to Jamco, the tilting monitor option results in 30% more knee space than any other high-density business class seat.

For people travelling in pairs, the Quest Seat turns into a roomy super full-flat bed when two seats  in the centre are combined. Easily deployable partitions and an optional aisle side door are also available.

Jamco expects to have the Quest ready for installation in 2024 or early 2025 and the seat has already been awarded the iF Design Award 2022 in recognition of its design excellence.

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