Karyn McAlphin has become as Design Director for SEKISUI KYDEX, where she will be responsible for creative elements, as well as focus on the Production of KYDEX Thermoplastics and customer-facing experiences at SEKISUI KYDEX.

McAlphin joined SEKISUI KYDEX as Design Strategist in 2017 and commented: “During my first year, my time was evenly divided between mass transit, medical devices and aviation. It was exciting to learn about new industries. The following year, I focused primarily on aviation, my area of expertise, and this year, I’m seeing a fascinating trend develop where aviation and mass transit are looking to the medical industry for new ideas. Cross-pollination across our core markets and future markets will be extremely important going forward.”

“Karyn brings a unique design perspective as SEKISUI KYDEX enters into new projects and opportunities. She has embraced SEKISUI KYDEX’s culture over the last three years, and she has taken the time to learn and understand the emphasis that we put on the customer experience. Karyn will continue to play a pivotal role in helping our customers understand and utilise our high value, bespoke products like Infused Imaging technology,” said Nik Taritas, VP of Sales.

“I’m thrilled for Karyn and this opportunity where she will be able to widen her scope while working with cross functional teams to bring programs for all market spaces to completion. Karyn’s design savvy will effectively leverage our customer’s insights for their programs and help to create the best overall customer experience,” said Bernadette Chupela, Customer Experience Manager.

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