NanoTouch Materials has released a self-cleaning film for touch screens that can turn any airport check-in kiosk or in-flight screen into a continuously self-cleaning surface.

The new NanoSeptic Self-Cleaning Surfaces joins a portfolio of travel products which include portable self-cleaning mats that the individual traveller can use on the airplane tray table or hotel bathroom vanity, and super durable self-cleaning mats for TSA security bins.

“I think we can now say for sure that travelers are paranoid about dirty public surfaces when traveling,” says NanoSeptic co-founder Dennis Hackemeyer. “Whether it’s the airplane tray table, hotel bathroom vanity, or TSA security bin, travelers just don’t trust the cleanliness of these surfaces.”

According to the company, the portable self-cleaning travel mat “provides a cleaner place to rest a toothbrush, eyeglasses, medications or other personal items on a hotel bathroom vanity. And it provides a much cleaner place to rest your peanuts or pretzels on the airplane tray table.”

“Our travel mat not only makes travellers feel safer and more secure, it’s also a great in-room or in-plane amenity that can generate new revenue,” says Mark Sisson, co-founder. “And because we can add the hotel, airline or cruise line logo to the mat, it’s another way these travel companies can extend their brand wherever the traveller goes and however they get there.”

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