NetForecast's QMap Inflight Internet Experience Monitoring

NetForecast has launched a new service to independently and proactively monitor passenger Wi-Fi experience quality, ahead of the US DoT proposal to mandate fee refunds when in-flight Wi-Fi “doesn’t work.”

QMap Inflight Internet Experience Monitoring enables airlines to identify and correct Wi-Fi performance issues by continuously measuring the passenger Wi-Fi experience from personal electronic devices, and reports on end-to-end network experience quality in near real-time.

The service notifies airlines when the passenger experience degrades below pre-determined thresholds, and locates problem areas along the network path within the aircraft Wi-Fi network, between the aircraft and the ground station, and beyond that to intermediate networks and network destinations.

NetForecast’s QMap service is calibrated to reflect realistic performance expectations for each network technology (e.g., geosynchronous satellite, cellular, low earth orbit satellite, etc.).

According to Rebecca Wetzel, NetForecast President: “As members of the Airline Passenger Experience Association’s Connectivity Working Group, we collaborated with the industry to create a specification that provides guidance for measuring and assessing passenger inflight Wi-Fi experience quality. We are excited to put that industry guidance to work with our new QMap service to empower airlines to deliver the best possible experience to their Wi-Fi connected passengers.”

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