Panasonic Avionics has partnered up with Recaro Aircraft Seating to install its new Astrova in-flight entertainment seat-end solution on the CL3810 economy class seat. The launch took place on the first day of the 2022 AIX trade show in Hamburg.

Recaro says its lightweight approach to seating is further enhanced by the weight savings from the new IFE solution. Both Astrova and Recaro’s CL3810 seat are built with modularity in mind to minimise maintenance costs for airlines.

“It was an honour to be selected by Panasonic Avionics as the launch partner for their Astrova seat-end solution,” said Dr Mark Hiller, CEO of Recaro Aircraft Seating and Recaro Holding. “Our aligned visions of transforming the passenger experience and supporting airlines with unmatched customer service has allowed us to work well together throughout this process. Congratulations to Panasonic on the launch of their new flagship product.”

Ken Sain, CEO at Panasonic Avionics, said: “We would like to congratulate Recaro on the launch of their CL3810 economy class seat. We are excited to be working with them to demonstrate how two companies can collaborate and help airlines achieve their business goals. We believe that this powerful seat and IFE combination is an excellent example of solutions that reduce cost, improve passenger comfort, meet sustainability goals, drive passenger loyalty and increase revenue.”

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