AT&T International Day Pass

AT&T has added access to Panasonic Avionics’ in-flight mobile phone service to its AT&T International Day Pass™ travel product.

Mobile network operators around the globe are creating compelling retail propositions that drive in-flight roaming usage and adoption, and the agreement with AT&T follows an increase in data consumption across Panasonic Avionics’ in-flight mobile network in 2022 compared to pre-pandemic levels.

AT&T and Panasonic Avionics through its wholly owned subsidiary Aeromobile Communications Ltd will deliver end-to-end connectivity to airline passengers providing an extra dimension to the in-flight connectivity experience. According to Panasonic Avionics, passengers that have added AT&T International Day Pass (IDP) to their line(s) can use their mobile devices on aircraft equipped with Panasonic Avionics mobile solutions for the same daily fee as they would be charged in any other IDP destination.

Panasonic Avionics says that with IDP, passengers can connect to the Aeromobile service and enjoy high-speed data, calls and texting as they do on their plans at home for $10/day.  Additional lines used the same day only pay a $5 daily fee.

Through its subsidiary Aeromobile, Panasonic Avionics joins forces with mobile operators around the world to include in-flight roaming in compelling retail propositions like their mainstream packages, to improve the travel experience for their subscribers. Panasonic Avionics’ in-flight mobile service operates in conjunction with its worldwide in-flight Wi-Fi service to provide passengers with a range of payment and connection options in several markets.

John Wade, Vice President of In-flight Connectivity at Panasonic Avionics said: “We are delighted to partner with AT&T and provide a new dimension to staying in touch for their customers. We have seen mobile network operators around the globe — especially the Middle East, Europe, and Asia — launch compelling in-flight retail offers, and we’re excited that operators in the U.S. are now embracing the overseas in-flight connectivity market.”

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