Bucher Leichtbau AG, has launched its bionic 16 g Partition for Airbus’ A320 aircraft types.

The partition, when installed on the aircraft, separates the passenger area of the cabin from the working area of the crew in the direction of the rear onboard galley and toilets. It also provides the cabin attendants with single double seating for taxi, take-off and landing. Using decorative films, branding elements and paintwork, the partition can be seamlessly integrated in the cabin.

The bionic 16g Partition wall claims to be the lightest in the world and uses a unique carbon fibre system developed by Bucher’s in-house specialists. This results in greater payload, reduced fuel consumption and maximum safety for passengers and crew. The rigidity and reliability of the Partition was successfully demonstrated by a series of certification tests including 16g dynamic, load case in flight direction.

The product has been designed by Bucher especially for Airbus and will be available for sale to the world’s airlines operating Airbus aircraft via the OEMs catalogue.

Said Beat Burlet, CEO of the Bucher Group:“Bucher is a leader when it comes to innovative and lightweight materials and their application in aircraft interiors. The launch of our 16g Partition gives airlines more choice than ever before when it comes to selecting lightweight and reliable partitions for their A320 family aircraft.”

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