Trenchard Aviation has launched its new series of Servestow Life Vest Pouches with the LVS100.

With a unique closure system and integrated RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) security seal Servestow LVS100 is the latest in the evolution of Life Vest Pouches.

Earlier versions featured tamper-evident seals to secure the pouches which reduced inspection man-hours per aircraft, but the LVS100 will increase the time-saving further.

Trenchard Aviation told Inflight at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg: “The RFID aspect has grown in importance in recent years for the requirement to reduce search times on the aircraft and also increase the accuracy of the reporting of those search operations.”

Using a handheld meter which is linked to a central database reduces the time taken to inspect an entire aircraft. Staff can pick up signals from the pouches and any that may have been tampered with are listed as a search requirement. Any updates can be collated in real-time and reports distributed globally.

“This cuts down the manual operation of physically searching all the pouches,” the company added.

Servestow Life Vest Pouches are manufactured by Servecorp, one of the four businesses that make up Trenchard Aviation Group.

Speaking to Inflight, Trenchard said the live vest pouch products originated from the requirements to seal pouches following the 9/11 events so no prohibited items could be discovered inside the pouches, “At the time we supplied security seals to airlines and had a customer base of airlines who approached us to see if we could supply a seal for their existing pouches – but you couldn’t seal the existing pouches.

“So we designed the pouch itself to take our seals and over 12 or more years the product line has evolved to such a level where we can integrate RFID-seals, tamper avoid seals or plastic pull tied seals all in the design of one pouch so the customer doesn’t have to change the pouch to change the seal type.”

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