Porter Airlines

Porter Airlines has revealed it is elevating the economy flying experience in its greatly expanding network.

According to the carrier, this coincides with the airline’s strategy to grow in markets throughout North America using new Embraer E195-E2 aircraft, as well as its existing De Havilland Dash 8-400 fleet.

Porter’s existing in-flight catering consists of complimentary beer and wine served in glassware, along with a selection of premium snacks, and the carrier says this will continue as part of the journey. However, the introduction of the E195-E2 also brings all passengers free, fast Wi-Fi with full access to web surfing or streaming entertainment. In addition, on longer flights, the carrier also offers an option of fresh meals made with real food and healthy ingredients.

Porter’s current two-by-two cabin seating is also coming to longer-haul jet travel and every passenger enjoys more personal space as there are no middle seats on flights.

“Porter is meaningfully investing in making economy air travel enjoyable for every passenger in ways that no one else is,” said Michael Deluce, president and CEO, Porter Airlines. “Other airlines have been focused on taking away perks and comforts for decades, but we believe that people should actually enjoy flying as economy passengers. It is possible, as we know from having already redefined regional travel over 16 years ago.

“Now we’re ready to do it for a broader North American market in a way that no traditional or low-cost carrier is willing to. It’s an enhanced experience that builds on our reputation for providing an elevated level of service to every passenger at reasonable prices in a single class of service.”

Porter says its new E195-E2 aircraft will have a 132-seat, all-economy configuration, offering a number of legroom options which complements its current fleet of 78-seat Dash 8-400 aircraft that will now offer passengers two legroom options.

New, enhanced experiences on board

Porter is introducing its new, all-inclusive economy experience called PorterReserve, that the carrier says is unlike anything offered today in North America. When passengers purchase a PorterReserve fare, they receive all of the perks economy travellers may want for one reasonable price that is significantly lower than business class. The fare includes dedicated airport check-in, early boarding, enhanced legroom, fresh meals on longer flights, Porter’s signature beer, wine and premium snacks, cocktails, two checked bags and the ability to change flights without a fee.

The carrier’s PorterReserve experience will be available on every flight. On board E195-E2 aircraft, this includes the first four rows of the cabin, offering a 36-inch seat pitch, similar to business class legroom on other narrowbody aircraft. On Porter’s Dash 8-400 fleet, PorterReserve will be in the first two rows with 32-inch seat pitch.

The carrier now refers to its traditional economy experience as PorterClassic. This service includes free beer and wine in glassware as well as a selection of premium snacks. On flights over 2.5 hours, passengers may also purchase the same high-quality individual fresh entrées and cocktails available in PorterReserve. There is also the option to select additional perks, such as extra legroom, extra baggage and travel flexibility.

PorterClassic fare seats have a 30 inch-pitch on every aircraft and on the E195-E2, passengers may also purchase one of 20 PorterStretch seats, offering a minimum of 34 inches of seat pitch.

“Other airlines save their best service for a small number of passengers who can afford expensive premium fares or have special status, and the quality onboard is often still inferior,” said Kevin Jackson, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer of Porter Airlines.

“The vast majority of people travel in economy and must tolerate an eroded experience with few, if any, amenities or services. Porter’s approach disrupts this model by showing that it is possible to respect the needs of economy travellers and make them feel valued by providing a quality, generous experience at competitive prices. We will do this unlike any other North American airline, with style, care and charm.”

Porter says it will soon expand its fare options to support its broader product offering, with the four existing fare options being aligned with PorterClassic and two new fares being introduced with the PorterReserve experience.

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