Safran has signed an exclusive partnership with Universal Movement to bring the Interspace seat range to market.

Following the launch of Interspace at the Aircraft Cabin Innovation Summit in December 2019 ( Safran will develop and manufacture the Interspace portfolio, across economy and premium/domestic business class; an upgradable retrofit solution for existing premium economy seating (pictured); and the Interspace ‘Lite’ edition for economy.

One novel feature of Interspace is the use of its patented lateral-support wing design to provide greater privacy and comfort to passengers when travelling in premium economy. Passengers are able to fold out two padded wings to provide greater lateral support and the ability to change posture at seat. The system is also retrofittable, which allows carriers to remove an existing seat-back and fit the Interspace technology onto a fleet without replacing existing seat units and adding additional cost.

The two companies are working on an equipment adaptation called Interspace Lite, which gives airlines flexibility to easily reconfigure their economy cabins, by providing delineation and privacy between passengers by locking out either the central or outboard seats of a row.

Luke Miles, Founder of Universal Movement, said, “With the travel industry severely affected by the spread of coronavirus, we have also sought to provide a solution through the Interspace Lite solution that could allow airlines to get back on their feet much sooner than if standard aircraft seating were to remain the same. Our partnership with Safran is a significant step in helping support the industry and also make planes a much more comfortable space for passengers when they look to travel again in the future.”

The manufacturing of both Lite and Premium Economy upgrade products is set to begin early summer of this year, with supply and kitting tailored to meet demand thereafter.

Design and development work will continue leading to a fully integrated Interspace product for Economy and Premium Economy as a new seat offering.

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