Satcom Direct and Gilat Satellite Networks will collaborate to develop and supply new ultra-low profile electronically steered antennas (ESA) to support in-flight connectivity (IFC) for business, government and defence. The ESA hardware will be available from 2025 and will strengthen the Plane Simple Antenna Series portfolio.

The ESA will be optimised for compatibility with the OneWeb low earth orbit (LEO) constellation. The antenna system will be developed by Gilat, while Satcom Direct Avionics will work with OneWeb on the development of the SD Modem Unit.

“The ESA terminal will provide genuine global coverage and superior bandwidth performance, complemented by ease of installation,” said Chris Moore, President, Satcom Direct. “This most advanced terminal will also address customer requests to lower aircraft drag, weight and fuel burn.”

Adi Sfadia, CEO, Gilat, said the opportunity to collaborate with Satcom Direct on the ESA project is an honour: “Together, we will create a next-generation ESA to support the dynamic connectivity demands of the global business aviation sector with a best-in-class antenna. The agreement gives us the opportunity to expand our proven technology know-how I commercial aviation and to showcase our expertise alongside Satcom Direct, the only company dedicated to delivering satcom connectivity to business and government aviation worldwide.

“It is a major milestone for Gilat as we extend our global IFC leadership in commercial aviation to business aviation,” added Sfadia, “as well as into our strategic focus area in government and defence.”

Image: Satcom Direct

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