SkyLights has partnered with StoryUP XR, the makers of meditation channel Healium, to explore the channel’s potential to enhance passenger wellness on long-haul flights.

Healium is a world-first immersive media channel designed to combat stress using virtual and augmented reality in conjunction with user biometrics.

It offers interactive VR mindfulness content that is driven by the user’s brain and heart activity, which are monitored by a wireless headband or other wearables.

SkyLights and StoryUP XR have started working towards integrating Healium onto SkyLights’ Allosky headsets. As a first step, Healium’s content has been loaded onto the device.

Ruta Boguzaite, SkyLights head of content said: “Up until now, the ability to control something with thoughts alone was reserved to the realms of magic and sci-fi films. Today StoryUp XR has made it a stress-reducing reality with Healium. Having shown impressive results in rapidly decreasing user stress, Healium holds significant promise for the future of passenger wellness.”

Frontiers in Psychology recently published a study on Healium’s ability to reduce moderate anxiety and increase feelings of positivity in as little as four minutes.

Frontiers in Psychology, Human Media Interaction July 2018, Neuromeditation Institute, University of Victoria, BC, Canada reported: “The VR intervention uniquely resulted in shifting proportional power from higher Beta frequencies into lower Beta frequencies, and significantly reduced broadband Beta activity in the anterior cingulate cortex. These effects are consistent with a physiological reduction of anxiety.”

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