SmartSky’s LITE System Receives STC for Bombardier Lear 60

SmartSky Networks has been granted the first commercially available FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for its SmartSky LITE system.

SmartSky says its LITE system is the industry’s only streaming-level in-flight connectivity solution designed for smaller business aircraft.

The solution brings high-performance, multi-Mbps, low-latency connectivity to small business aircraft for $99/hour with unlimited data and no device limits and SmartSky says that, on the first two flights of the Lear 60, the customer averaged over 1 GB per hour, reaching speeds over 10 Mbps with 80% of the data downloaded to the plane and 20% uploaded off.

SmartSky says the STC was granted following installation on a Bombardier Lear 60 business jet by the company’s sales and installation partner Reliable Jet Maintenance, and Liberty Partners of Okmulgee, OK provided engineering services.

James Stormont, President of Reliable Jet Maintenance commented: “We are happy to be part of the first customer installation of SmartSky’s groundbreaking LITE system, which brings streaming services to light jets and turboprops. We can finally make high-performance connectivity a reality for our Lear 60 customers and all owner-operators of similar size aircraft. We look forward to continuing to partner with SmartSky Networks on upcoming installation projects.”

Rich Pilock, Vice President of Product Management for SmartSky said: “Reliable Jet is one of our newest sales and installation partners. It is exciting that they completed their first SmartSky installation within a very short time, and also own the title of first to complete a LITE installation on a customer aircraft.

“SmartSky’s LITE system shatters industry expectations for what is possible on a smaller business aircraft, as its diminutive size and high performance deliver streaming to smaller aircraft, unlocking capabilities they’ve never had before. Reliable Jet’s expertise played a big part in this project’s success and marks a major milestone in our pursuit of powering more business aircraft with SmartSky’s industry-leading connectivity technology.”

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