Sichuan Airlines Becomes China's First Domestic Carrier to Partner with Viasat's In-Flight Connectivity Solution

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved Viasat’s Ka-band IFC solution for Gulfstream G450 aircraft.

Viasat says its Ka-band connectivity system is now available on more than 20 platforms, including super mid-cabin through large cabin, long-range business aircraft.

According to the company, demand is considerable among business jet operators for Viasat’s Wi-Fi solution, which enables similar connectivity on board as on the ground for video conferences, streaming, accessing corporate VPNs and other business-critical applications during all phases of flight.

Claudio D’Amico, Viasat’s Business Area Director, Business Aviation noted: “Viasat’s high speed and high-quality Ka connectivity is at long last available to Gulfstream G450 aircraft operators. With over 90% of business aviation routes covered by our Ka network, our solution is a great fit for operators that want fast, reliable connectivity that matches the long-range profile of this aircraft.”

According to Viasat, Gulfstream G450 aircraft operators can secure the company’s Ka-band IFC kit, which includes a custom radome through Viasat’s extensive MRO dealer network.

Service plans are available directly from Viasat or through the company’s value-added resellers and include global and regional unlimited plans from $9,995 per month that feature uncapped data coupled with Viasat’s popular “No Speed Limit” Ka-band IFC.

There are also entry-level service plans available such as a $2,795 per month regional plan that delivers Ka-band connectivity at a significant value.

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