Avionics start-up WeSky says its engineers have created a smart USB in-seat fast charging product that is the lightest on the market.

“Our new recharge™️ product is an efficient 60W USB in-seat charging solution, that weighs 70% less than current available products, yet has rapid charging. It brings many benefits to commercial airlines including a reduction in fuel consumption which also has benefits for the environment,” said WeSky Founder and CEO Vytis Petrusevicius.

“Based on our current sales activities and request for proposals we are forecasting and already negotiating orders for over 20 million USD in revenue of recharge™️ in-seat power systems within next 24 months,” said Marius Barcas, Head of Sales.

According to WeSky, it recently secured additional funding from Notarc Investment Partners to ramp up production of its current product line while also expanding research and development of new avionics equipment.

“These are the kind of ventures that fit with our sustainable investment mandate and which have an immediate positive impact on the environment, industry and end user. Legacy businesses and industries must continue to evolve and innovate and we have a responsibility as investors to help speed up innovation and to do our part to support such ventures,” said Leslie C. Bethel, CEO of Notarc Management Group and recently appointed WeSky Board Member.

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