As an extension to Inflight’s ongoing coverage of the in-flight entertainment, connectivity and cabin technology sectors, the Inflight team is gearing up to explore the latest developments in airline food and in-flight catering services.

Infocus Catering 2018, the latest addition to Inflight’s supplement series, will delve into new trends, innovative solutions and ancillary revenue opportunities in this sector. The 12-page publication will be distributed alongside Inflight’s July/August 2018 edition, with bonus distribution at the IFSA (In-Flight Services Association) Expo in Boston this September. The supplement will also be shared with LARA magazine subscribers, extending its readership into the low-fare and regional aviation community.

Bespoke publishing editor Chloë Greenbank commented: “As airlines ramp up their investment in guest experience and passenger wellbeing, the boundaries between all their various in-flight offerings are blurring. The accomplishments of some of the world’s major carriers have raised the stakes in mile-high catering, with dining experiences now a major part of airlines’ differentiation strategies. Emerging technologies and their enormous associated revenue potential should certainly capture the interest of Inflight readers, and our team are looking forward to exploring this.”

At an altitude of thousands of feet, the combination of low air pressure and a lack of humidity means a passenger’s taste buds and sense of smell are the first things to go. In-flight caterers have had to master the art and science of adapting recipes to ensure food (and drinks) remain just as tasty at altitude, as they do on the ground. Infocus Catering will investigate the rise of healthy snacks on board, share tips on how to optimise the supply chain from kitchen to aircraft, highlight the importance of customer feedback and critique IFE integrations and standalone apps designed to simplify ordering processes.


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