Diehl Aviation has launched Cabin Confidence Concept, a product innovation initiative the company has developed to address the operational challenges that airlines are facing in the post-Corona environment, as well as health concerns of the travelling public.


The company has identified three suitable areas in its portfolio:

  • Environmental control systems to optimise air circulation und humidity in the cabin, as well as disinfecting and purifying the air onboard;
  • Touchless features for the aircraft cabin, particularly for lavatory environments, in order to enhance hygiene on board;
  • UV-C technology will be applied as tool for disinfecting surfaces, and for water purification.

Based on these competences, Diehl Aviation is now working on specific product solutions that will be available to the market as soon as possible. In addition, the company offers features for immediate applications such as flight–ready disinfectant dispensers, corona placards for cabin hygiene and hands-free lavatory handles.

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