European Satellite Services Provider (ESSP) has announced that the company has become the first pan-European company certified as a Communications Service Provider from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Viasat/Inmarsat and ESSP signed a long-term contract with ESSP recently as the Service Provider for Iris datalink services which is powered by Viasat’s SwiftBroadband Safety (SB-S) connectivity.

Iris, which will enter commercial and operational service fully in Europe next year with carriers such as easyJet and ITA Airways. enables aircraft to fly more fuel-efficient routes by providing digital satellite communications to complement VHF data link and connects the ATM ecosystem digitally, enhancing collaboration between pilots and air traffic controllers to maximise the use of airspace and reduce the impact of disruptions for passengers. It also decreases emissions through 4D Trajectory-Based Operations.

Charlotte Neyret, CEO of ESSP, said: “The EASA certification speaks volumes to the high quality of ESSP’s processes and the Iris service, and provides the backing of trust for those relying on this data for their services. We are looking forward to our long-lasting relationship with EASA to support their goal for safe and more efficient skies.”

Joel Klooster, Senior Vice President of Airline Operations and Safety, Viasat said: “Today’s news continues the positive momentum that Iris continues to build as a trusted and future proofed datalink solution to Europe’s busy and congested airspace. It’s great news for ANSPs and airlines that our partner and Iris service provider ESSP is now certified by EASA.”

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