Fokker Services Group (FSG) has signed an innovation agreement with Aviation Glass that will see the replacement of standard inner polycarbonate window lenses with “RealGlass” technology on the Airbus ACJ330 aircraft. Following a successful EASA STC certification, the project will incorporate certified heat-release real glass in commercially operated aircraft flying more than 20 passengers.

The solution is tailored to the demands of VIP clients by offering an effective solution that is lightweight, bright and scratch-resistant. The solution complies with V60, heat release and smoke density requirements.

According to Roald Vos, Director of Aircraft Completion & Conversion Services at FSG, this agreement marks a significant “cornerstone of crucial innovations that have the potential for wide-scale application, not only within the VIP sector but also within the commercial aviation industry”.

Jaap Wiersema, Managing Director, Aviation Glass, added: “It’s never been easier for business aviation customers to make the upgrade to glass and say goodbye to scratched plastic interior window panes. Combining forces with FSG means we can already offer certified glass lenses with existing window shades, saving customers time and money. Another area of focus will be the co-development of new combined offerings.”

Image: FSG and Aviation Glass

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