JetBlue has updated its Safety from the Ground Up program, a multi-layered commitment to the safety of its crewmembers and customers.

The carrier has announced it is extending its commitment to seat distancing for flights through at least 15 October by blocking middle seats in rows where parties are not traveling together

“Our Safety from the Ground Up program continues to be a thoughtful and always evolving set of layered protection measures that demonstrates our commitment to keeping our crewmembers and customers safe while providing them with peace of mind in the air and on the ground,” said Joanna Geraghty, president and chief operating officer, JetBlue. “We continue to hear from our customers that added space onboard and travel flexibility are incredibly important to them during this time and we want them to know we are listening because we are all in this together.”

JetBlue’s safety program is focused on four areas: healthy crewmembers; clean air and surfaces; more space, fewer touchpoints; and travel flexibility. As part of its “more space, fewer touchpoints” focus, JetBlue’s seat distancing policy provides assurance that customers will not be seated directly next to someone they don’t know. Middle seats are blocked on its Airbus aircraft, and on its smaller Embraer 190 aircraft, JetBlue is blocking aisle seats. The airline does allow customers traveling together to sit in middle and aisle seats.

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