Marsh Brothers Aviation

Marsh Brothers Aviation says the company has signed a four-year deal with AvFab for a supply of seat actuator valves.

According to Marsh Brothers Aviation, which provides innovative engineered solutions utilising proprietary polymers, AvFab has commissioned the company to supply a bespoke seat actuator valve to support AvFab’s maintenance, repair and overhaul of private and commercial aircraft seats.

The company says the valve is integral to the smooth movement backwards and forwards of the seats when moving between upright and reclining positions, but the complete redesign of the actuator valve was not the original intention during the initial discussions.

Nicholas Choo-Son, Director, Business Development for Marsh Brothers Aviation says: “AvFab approached us due to problems with its usual supply line and asked if we could quickly manufacture the component. We took one apart and found that the OEM part was overly complicated and would bring unnecessary risk to its supply chain and manufacturing operations.

“Drawing on our engineering strengths and materials science expertise we proposed a redesign. A new, simpler, and unique valve design was found to better meet the customer’s integration and functionality requirements, while mitigating against any future manufacturing risks.”

High abrasion resistance

The new valve is manufactured using Marsh Brothers’ proprietary AeroLas™-White polymer material, which according to the company was selected for its elastomeric characteristics, high abrasion resistance and resistance to shock loading and vibration.

“We redesigned a key component within the actuator,” Choo-Son commented. “It’s a replacement valve that meets the original seat recline actuator’s fit, form, and functional requirement. This project highlights our ability to quickly respond to market demand for innovative engineered solutions.”

“In developing an alternative valve manufactured of durable engineered polymer material, Marsh Brothers Aviation solved a real issue for AvFab,” says AvFab VP of Operations, Hayden Lowe.

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