According to a survey conducted by The GO Group, an international ground transportation provider, 58% of respondents believe airlines should make it safer if they require any animal to ride in cargo.

Almost 55% of respondents said that only certified service animals should be allowed in cabins while 45% noted that emotional support animals (ESAs) also should be allowed in cabins – the same number also said only traditional animals such as cats and dogs should be allowed as service or ESA’s.

Nearly half of survey participants said there should be designated areas in cabins for those traveling with animals to help those with allergies.

“It is understandable that people have concerns about potential challenges of allowing animals in cabin areas,” says John McCarthy GO Group president. “However, people also understand the dangers of animals traveling in cargo. We recommend that travellers tell their gate agents if they are allergic or prefer to be seated away from animals if there are any scheduled on their flight.”

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